Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hexagon top finished

Finally, my hexagon top is complete!

It took longer than I'd anticipated, but I LOVE it.  Although I originally hoped to have the lighter brown fabric separating the hexies both vertically and horizontally, I think this compromise acheived the funky look I wanted, without requiring any Y-piecing.  I'm really proud of this little top.

I used the "measure once, cut twice" method for the dark brown around each hexie, which means I cut my fabric strips too long, then sewed them on and trimmed them up before joining everything together.  I haven't done a lot of angled seams before so this was a good (but time-consuming) way for me to make sure I didn't end up with mismatched edges.  This backlit picture shows the seams so you can get an idea of how I constructed everything.

I'm not quite ready to start quilting this yet - I think I'll just enjoy it as a top for a few days, while I work on some other projects that have been kicking around in my head.  Besides, I have no idea what to use for the back.  Any suggestions?